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Solar Panels and Heat Pumps for business

Intelligent Energy Solutions are renewable energy specialists. Our wide product range enables us to make sure that our business customers are aware of all the available options. This means we can tailor a system to specific circumstances and therefore provide maximum benefit.

Solar PhotoVoltaic Panels

Solar electricity panels can offer many benefits to your business. Not only does the Feed in Tariff (FiT) offer payments for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you generate, they can help toward your carbon reduction targets and reduce energy bills. The FiT is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to earn 10% returns on your Solar PV investment.

Intelligent Energy Solutions design, supply and install solar electricity systems, and we have a vast array of experience and knowledge. The systems can be installed on a variety of roof types and installations typically offer little disruption to the end user. We have extensive experience helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint and reducing fuel bills, Intelligent Energy Solutions are an award winning Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installer of Solar Photovoltaic systems.

Find out more about Solar Electricity.

Solar Water Heating Panels

A Solar Thermal system can be used to generate hot water and can be easily integrated into your existing system. This type of system can provide up to 60% of your hot water requirements throughout the year. Intelligent Energy Solutions can design a solution that will not only save you money on your energy bills and assist in reducing your carbon footprint but will be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Our solar panel pages also include detailed solar panel prices for registered users.

A system installed for commercial purposes can expect to receive 8.5p for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of heat produced

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Biomass Boiler Installers

Biomass boilers offer fantastic return on investment for non domestic premises.  The renewable heat incentive can give a return on investment of more than 25%!

Click to find out more about Biomass Renewable Heat incentive.

Renewables Awards Winner

Air Source Heat Pumps

By extracting low grade heat from the air outside, an air source heat pump has the ability to upgrade this to high grade, useful heat for your heating and hot water. Intelligent Energy Solutions are approved installers of the Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump.

With system efficiencies of more than 300% (a coefficient of performance (CoP) of 3.5) can provide huge fuel savings and heavy Carbon reductions.

Our heat pumps can be easily integrated with solar panels (both solar pv and solar thermal) and wood burners. Whether you have a large or a small premises, Intelligent Energy Solutions can design a system that suits your requirements. Our Intelligent Heating control package, which is exclusive to us, is able to control multiple heat pump systems on a single heating circuit.

Find out more about Air Source Heat Pumps.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

By extracting heat from beneath the ground, a geothermal heat pump benefits from a more consistent source of energy. This can be used to provide central heating and hot water to your existing system. By investing in a Ground source heat pump, you can benefit by reducing your fuel bills by between 30-60%.

Intelligent Energy Solutions can design a system that, in many cases performs at 400% efficiency and reduce your carbon emissions, improving your Green credentials.

The first phase of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was made available in November 2011 and provides non-domestic renewable heating system installations with a steady stream of income. It has been confirmed that the RHI is 4.5p/kWh.

Similar to solar installations, domestic heat pumps may also be eligible for the Renewable Heat Premium (RHP). This will pay up to £1250 towards the cost of installation.

Find out more about Ground Source Heat Pumps.

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